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Contact lenses

Millions and millions around the world wear contact lenses, though you might not know it just by looking at these people. If you’re not familiar with contact lenses, let’s introduce you to these incognito but common little helpers.

Crompton Opticians have a special interest in contact lenses, this enables us to select the right sort of lens to suit your eyes and your lifestyle. There are many different types of lenses currently available each with benefits for different people. It is important to be aware that contact lenses can also cause eye problems hence the need to ensure that they initially fitted properly and checked on a regular basis.

Women putting in contact lenes

Soft Lenses

By far the most common type of contact lens currently fitted is a soft lens and most soft lenses fitted are disposable. Soft lenses are generally comfortable straight away which makes them ideal for occasional or all day wear. Most soft lenses are replaced daily, two weekly or monthly. The more frequent the replacement the more comfort and and health for your eyes. Silicon Hydrogel is the latest innovation in contact lens wear. They are by far the most healthy material available today. Ask our Optometrists for more information.

Gas Permeable Lenses

Gas permeable lenses are developed from what used to be called hard lenses. These were made of perspex were good optically and were fairly resistant to deposits and poor handling. However they allowed minimal oxygen through to the front of the eye resulting in poor comfort and blurred vision when the lenses were removed. Gas permeable materials allow oxygen through to the eye giving better comfort and less frequent problems.

Multifocal Lenses

Around the age of 45 your eyes lose their ability to focus on close up objects. So if you already need eyewear for distance vision you are faced with the choice of either separate glasses for reading or spectacles that combine both e.g bifocals or varifocals. Available in soft and gas permeable forms multifocal contact lenses are very different from their spectacle counterparts. They rely on the central part of the lens giving focus for both near and far vision. Daily versions of this type of lens are now readily available.

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