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Sports eyewear

Choosing the right eye protection for sport is as vital as choosing the right equipment and accessories. More often than not eyes are at risk from injury through sport. Our sports vision range has been selected to ensure that eye injury is eliminated whilst ensuring that maximum vision is maintained under the most extreme conditions, whatever the sport or prescription.

Sports Vision falls into two categories - Ready Glazed and Prescription.


The importance to choosing the right eyewear for cycling is vital. Providing not only enhanced visibility but just as importantly, eye protection. Be sure that the glasses you choose are made from shatterproof material as the close proximity to your eyes means that if you are hit by a flying object such as a stone you will have a good level of protection.

Choosing glasses with interchangeable lenses can be a good idea, allowing you to quickly change your glasses to suit the actual lighting conditions of your ride. Choose a wrap-around style for good peripheral vision, the half rim gives good downward vision. We stock a wide range of cycling eyewear from leading brands such as Oakley, with the capability to provide prescription lens too.



Sharpen your vision in the pool and be able to keep an eye on young swimmers with the selection of swimming goggles either ready glazed or to prescription. It is important that you use quality, watertight goggles that will protect and improve your visibility whilst swimming.


Scuba Diving

We are able to provide you with a range of diving masks, both prescription and clear that meet the exacting needs of the sports diver. It is vital that you wear quality masks with toughened glass and watertight sealed frames that you can depend on. Talk to us about how we can help your vision whilst diving.



Whether you are windsurfing, sailing, rowing, canoeing, jet or water skiing choosing the right protective eyewear is vital for the full enjoyment and safety of your sport. We are able to provide an extensive range of both prescription and clear/tinted glasses for all watersports. Whatever watersport your are involved with we recommend using polarised lenses, they greatly reduce the glare you will experience when out on the water.



Light conditions will constantly change whilst you play your round of golf so having a high quality pair of sunglasses, prescription or plain is as vital to your game as a good driver in your bag. We are able to offer a wide range of glasses from quality brands such Oakley and RayBan.



A good quality pair of glasses is vital for the sport of shooting. Providing a high level of protection to flying debris and reducing glare are paramount. We can provide you with both prescription and clear lens glasses which are designed specifically for your sport. Whether you are target shooting on a range or shooting out in the field we have the right glasses for you. So why not come along and talk to us about your requirements.



If snooker is your sport we can supply you with a the perfect pair of prescription glasses. Our rimless, extra deep lenses are suitable for all table-top sports as well as bowling

Women out on her bike wearing sports glasses
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