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View some of the services we provide here at Cromptons Opticians. All of our services are provided by highly qualified opticians with the best technology at your disposal. 

eye examination

Includes OCT as standard 

OCT (Ocular Coherence Tomographer) is a new and highly advanced screening system to check for potentially serious eye conditions. It is suitable for all ages and is totally painless.

As a practice we are proud of our state of the art optical facilities and we are constantly striving to offer our patients the latest technological innovations in Optometry and OCT represents the cutting edge of diagnostic equipment. 

kid smiling and raising hand while having a eye test

contact lenses

Offering myopia control lenses

Crompton Opticians have a special interest in contact lenses, this enables us to select the right sort of lens to suit your eyes and your lifestyle. There are many different types of lenses currently available each with benefits for different people. It is important to be aware that contact lenses can also cause eye problems hence the need to ensure that they initially fitted properly and checked on a regular basis.


hearing care

Full hearing aid service

In conjunction with Harmony Hearing Crompton Opticians are pleased to be able offer a full Hearing Aid service. Harmony Hearing are an independent company who offer the full hearing care package for Crompton Opticians. The Range of Hearing aids offered by Harmony Hearing are custom-made and individually manufactured to ensure that they fit your ear exactly. 

Grandmother listening to granddaughter

Coloured compounds in solution

There are different types of coloured filters or lenses that can be used to help relieve visual discomfort. If coloured filters help, then overlays are the cheapest and simplest method; for just a few pounds, you can simply place a coloured acetate film over the text you are reading. Private tests are offered by some optometrists or dispensing opticians to help find out which colour filter will be most effective.

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